Let’s look at section 2 of the IELTS Speaking Test . The IELTS Speaking Test section 2 lasts for about 3-4 minutes . In the first minute you would be handed  question card whereby you would be asked to analyse the card and gather or jot down your thoughts regarding the topic given in the card . After the first minute you would be asked to talk for 2-3 minutes on the topic and answer the points that were given in the cue card .Topics that are asked by the examiner to the students include describing a precious item that you own , describing a special day or a concert/sporting event that you went to , describing a book or a movie that you saw recently etc.  An example of a speaking cue card is provided below just so that you can have an idea of what to expect during the speaking exam test .

During this time of you describing the given cue card , the examiner will not pose any questions to you but would in fact sit back and analyze your speaking skills . You would be marked on fluency and coherence, lexical resource, grammatical range and accuracy, pronunciation .

Now let’s look at how to score well for our speaking test . The do’s and don’ts .


·         Take notes and write keywords in the one minute that you are given . It will help you keep your thoughts organized and you will not miss any points that are suppose to be answered .

·         As mentioned above , answer every point mentioned on the cue card .

·         Point to point as you talk . Talk from one point to the next . Do not jumble the questions . Keep it simple and answer all questions posed point wise .

·         Use personal experience or lie(make up a story) if needed be . Do not say that that particular event hasn’t happened or you have not visited that place . Saying such things will be harmful to your IELTS score .

·         Expand your answers and speak a few sentences on every point . For example if the question is about the location of the museum . Do not just answer about the location of the museum in one word or few words but speak at length about it .

·         Organize your speech – There should be an introduction to the topic , followed by you answering all the points posed in the cue card and lastly having a conclusion to the speech and not ending it abruptly .

·         Imagine the person , object , place . It would help you to describe it better .

·         Use introductory phrases – For example Today I’m going to talk about the given topic etc.

·         Speak loud and clear . You do not want to be mumbling in front of the examiner . Make sure that you speak loud and clear so that the examiner in able to hear you our properly and is able to analyze your level of speaking .


·         Memorize answers . This is a strict no-no . The reason being the examiner would be able to tell if you would have memorized the question . It won’t sound natural . Instead learn about as many concepts as you can . Expand your vocabulary .

·         Don’t Panic . When you panic you would loose your line of thoughts . Instead take a deep breath and attempt the question to the best of your capabilities .

·         Do not focus on one point for too long . Move on to the next point and describe it well . Remember there would be at least three points to describe so do not fixate on one point but cover all of them .

·         Try not to use boring words like good , bad etc . Expand your vocabulary , use adjectives so that your speech is more juicy and interesting .

·         Do not give short answers . Your answers should be such that if you speak about the three asked points from you then your speech should be around three – four minutes long .

·         Don’t go off topic . Answer the points asked of you and answer them with confidence .

·         Do not worry about your accent . Faking an accent would not only be difficult for you but it would not sound appropriate .