Are you planning to study abroad but do not know where to start . Well in a nutshell every university abroad or governments abroad require you to meet their minimum requirement for the English language . And how do they gage your level of competiveness in terms of the English language ……yes you are right ! They do so by evaluvating your IELTS score and how much did you score overall as well as for each IELTS section .

So without further a due let’s begin with the IELTS requirement of different universities located in different countries of the world .

1.United States

One of the top destinations of the world if not the top , The US has a lot to offer . From the glits and glam to the diversity in cultures and the world’s largest economy , United States lures an approximate 800,000 students on an annual basis to its top universities . Below are some major universities of USA who have elaborated on their IELTS requirements for international students .


World Rank

Universities of USA

Minimum IELTS Requirements


Stanford University

Contact Institution


University of Chicago



California Institute of Technology



Princeton University



Harvard University



Yale University



Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Universityof Pennsylvania


2. Australia

Australia- the second most preferable country across the world for international study – with sandy beaches and a relaxed outdoor lifestyle. Universities of Australia welcome international students from all over the world and are very supportive to make them well prepared to make them comfortable in the new environment. For the students who are wishing to apply student visa to Australia, one would need a minimum of 5.5 IELTS Band for immigration purposes. Moreover, the competent IELTS score of 6.0 or more is desirable and can rise up to a total score of 8.0 and above to apply in the top universities of Australia.


3. Germany

Germany – the land of 300+ best universities is well-known for international study as the Germans believe in the fact that education must not be treated as a commercial product, so they offer reasonable fees to the students studying in the top universities. Germany stands out from the others by showing its strong presence in both the fields namely technology and market; hence offer various career opportunities to their students. Hence, to apply for the study visa in Germany the test takers need an overall of 5.0 Bands in IELTS.


4. France

France – one of the attractive study abroad destinations across the world. If you are planning or wishing to apply in the top universities of France, there are some eligibility criteria and admission requirements that need to be followed up. The French language and English language requirements are one of them. For French taught courses and programs, one needs to have French language efficiency proofs or you need to take a language course.

For English taught courses and programs one needs to have a minimum of 6.5 IELTS bands. Here are some of the universities of France and their eligibility criteria.

Universities of France

Minimum IELTS Bands Requirements

Ecole Des Ponts Paris Tech


Sorbonne University


University of Grenoble – Alpes

6.0 and more

University of Montpellier


Sciences Po


EBS Paris

No Requirement

ISC Paris

No Requirement

IESA International

No Requirement



4. Canada

Canada – not only has name and fame for its positive immigration policies across the world but also well known for international study offered by the top Canadian universities. Canada Universities also take the IELTS score as a reference while deciding the admission of international students. Here we are enlisting the minimum pre-defined IELTS band structure decided by the top universities of Canada.


Universities of Canada

Minimum IELTS Requirements

University of Toronto

6.5( Overall ) with no band below 6

Mc Gill University

6.5( Overall )

University of British Columbia

6.5( Overall ) with no band below 6

University of Alberta

6.5( Overall ) with no band below 5

McMaster University

6.5( Overall ) with no band below 5

Western University

6.5( Overall ) with no band below 6

University of Calgary

7.0( Overall ) with no band below 7

University of Ottawa

6.5( Overall )





In a nutshell:

IELTS is basically designed to assess proficiency in the English level at all levels. Your overall band score is the only factor that can decide whether you are eligible to immigrate or can study or work in an English language speaking environment. So, by making proper planning and strategies and by following the same one can accomplish his or her wish of living or studying abroad.